kkaebsong to those who didn't yehet when watching exo


Jongdae ripping up the melon charts


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Chen: The Best Luck


Chen's OST for It's Alright It's Love

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Chen(첸) [EXO]: 최고의 행운 (Back Vocal Ver.)

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This Is Probably How Yifan Got Assigned As The Resident Rapper

SM: Okay, now now. We're going to have a new boy band and we're going to have some godly concept going on. Okay. You! Your name.
Yifan: Hi, I'm Kris.
SM: God. You're tall and you have a deep voice too. /flips through profile/ You're also fluent in English?
Yifan: Yeah, I'm from Can-
SM: Rapper!!! Secretary! Are we jotting this down? Make this kid a rapper. Fans love tall rappers with good English. They just do.
Yifan: Sure but I'm also interested in sing-
SM: Cool city man. We're going with that image.
Yifan: But...wh-
SM: Eyebrows. Stylists, make them strong and intimidating. Make him look impassive...borderline bitch face.
Yifan: .....
SM: And then we're going to go with the 'dork' image afterwards in later albums...
Yifan: But it's not my sty-
SM: Shush~shush~shush~ fans love the cold city man turns dorky.
Yifan: But but but...
SM: Tsundere, son, Tsundere. We love Tsundere. Layers by layers. We peel them like onions.
Yifan: Okay. I also would like to ac-
SM: We'll discuss that later. Later. Later. Later. I have a lunch date to go to. Secretary, send me the paperworks to the desk. Later boys~
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2/ shit bangtan says: kim namjoon 1.0 [1/2/3]

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fuck you chen you little shit with your sexy eye veins

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is this your way to get out from the car?


well his ass is beautiful

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suho's bae